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China Textile International Clothing Co., Ltd.

Chinatex International Apparel Co., Ltd. was registered with the commercial and industrial authorities in September 2003 and officially commenced operation on January 1, 2004, with registered capital of CNY50 million.

Committed to development driven by innovative businesses, and adopting a major customers, major product categories and major brands-oriented policy, the company is dedicated to steadily expanding its products and services and developing its fabric and garment businesses, thereby consolidating its position as a leading importer and exporter in China and laying a solid foundation for future development.

The company has set up an office in Shanghai and established two wholly-owned overseas subsidiaries, namely, Chinatex Oriental USA Corp. in New York, the U.S. and Chinatex Hengyuan Co., Ltd. in Osaka, Japan, and another wholly-owned garment manufacturing subsidiary in Langfang. In addition, the company has built a complete business chain from frontline sales offices in major markets to self-own manufacturing and processing enterprises, with warehousing and distribution centers located in Los Angeles and Bentonville, the U.S. and warehousing centers in Osaka.

Chinatex International has been leading the industry for years in terms of its fabric and woven garment businesses. In particular, for three consecutive years since 2014 the company has recorded an industry-leading annual growth of 15% in its sales income despite the sluggish textile market conditions both at home and abroad.

As one of the enterprises with “self-owned brand and independent intellectual property rights” in Beijing that falls under the category of Export Tax Rebates Class I Enterprises, the company has obtained the certificates of GB/ T19001-2008 Quality Management System, GB/T24001-2004 Environmental Management System and GB/T28001-2011 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, and is a general certified AEO by Beijing Customs District. In January 2017, the company was awarded the honorable title of “Dongcheng District 2016 Remarkable Contributions to Steady Growth in Foreign Trade” by the People’s Government of Dongcheng District.

Address: Chinatex Mansion, No. 19 Jian Guo Men Nei Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing City



Postal Code: 100005

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