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Zhucheng Chinatex Sunrise Textiles Co., Ltd.

Zhucheng Chinatex Sunrise Textiles Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Chinatex Sunrise”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chinatex founded on June 18, 2001 with registered capital of CNY26 million.

Zhucheng Cotton Spinning Mill, the predecessor of Chinatex Sunrise, was established in 1966 and transformed through corporate restructuring into Shandong Zhucheng Sunrise Textiles Co., Ltd. in January 2000 upon approval of the Municipal Government of Zhucheng.

As one of the leading textile companies in Shandong Province, Chinatex Sunrise has total assets exceeding CNY200 million and 236 weaving looms and has obtained the license to conduct import and export businesses, with a spinning capacity of 20,000 spindles and an annual production of 5,406 tons of cotton yarn and over 30 million meters of grey fabric.

After years of development, Chinatex Sunrise has accumulated extensive experience in production technology and corporate management, enabling it to produce high-quality products and build a solid reputation in the market. In particular, Chinatex Sunrise plays an important role in the uniform fabric market, and with breakthrough made in the development of distinctive business wear fabric, is especially renowned for its high-end business attire fabric.

Address: No.105 Shunjing Road, Zhucheng City

Tel: 0536-6213752

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