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Ocean Lanka (Private) Limited

Located at the suburban of Sri Lanka’s capital, Colombo with an area of 23.5 acres of land, Ocean Lanka (Private) Limited (“Ocean Lanka”) is a fabric knitting and dyeing plant in Sri Lanka which was formed in 1996 by three investment parties namely: (1) The Hong Kong based Fountain Set (Holdings) Lmited (60%); (2) The Hirdaramani Group of Sri Lanka (20%) (the leading clothing manufacturer in Sri Lanka. Their diversified field of trade includes hotel, transportation, import and export); and (3) Brandix Lanka Limited of Sri Lanka (20%) (one of the world's largest contract manufacturers, importers and distributor of apparel for men, women and children).

Ocean Lanka has been facing different phases of expansion in terms of equipments and number of staff due to the rapid growth in demand. The plant employs approximately 1,500 staff.

In February 2007, Ocean Lanka qualified Fairtrade accreditation from FLO-CERT GmbH, the international certification body for Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International (FLO). It is the first Sri Lankan knitted fabric manufacturer to accredit the Fairtrade Certificate.

Ocean Lanka has always been committed to ethical trading initiatives and it provides products with the Fairtrade Certification Mark that guarantees a fair price for cotton farmers in developing countries.

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