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Chinatex Cotton Dongying Cotton Co., Ltd.

Established in May 1984, Chinatex Cotton Dongying Cotton Co., Ltd. was invested and reorganized by Chinatex Cotton Import & Export Corporation in November 2003. Its main business scope covers cotton purchase, ginning and  trade. Chinatex Cotton Dongying Cotton Co., Ltd. adheres to the mission of "sustaining survival through quality, seeking development through reform, securing market through reputation and enhancing efficiency through management" and the entrepreneurial spirit of "unity, expansion, innovation, and pragmatism". While expanding and strengthening the main cotton business, it strives to form a relatively complete value chain ranging from breeding improved varieties, planting management to cotton purchase & ginning, intensive processing of by-products and sales, and promotes the business model of "professional cooperatives + leading enterprises + bases + farmers" to accelerate the development of cotton production towards intensive and industrialized management.

Chinatex Cotton Dongying Cotton Co., Ltd. carries on Chinatex’s fine tradition and entrepreneurial spirit and sticks to the market-oriented and efficiency-centered approach characterized by operation on the basis of a high starting point and standardized growth in an effort to become a leader in the cotton industry.

Address: Hekou District Office, Dongying City, Shandong Province
Telephone & Fax: 0546-3068043

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