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Asset Management Company (Business Division)
Address:China Textile Building, 19 Jianguomen Inner Street, Beijing, ChinaTelephone:86-10-85112255 86-10-65281122
The Asset Management Company (Business Department) is mainly responsible for the unified marketization and specialized operation of the non-principal business-related assets of Chinatex Corporation, and for accomplishing mixed-ownership reform by introduction of strategic investors, attraction of shareholding by business elites and other institutional reforms, in a bid to enhance corporate vitality, increase investment returns, improve the ability of state-owned assets to preserve and increase value, and provide more funds and resources for development of the principal business. The scope of business of the company includes advertising and exhibition, magazine publishing, investment in securities and funds, management of non-principal business-related assets (real estate and equity), clearing and disposal of non-performing assets, production and operation of Fujitec elevators and escalators company, property management of Chinatex Mansion and Langfang Chinatex Complex, etc.
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