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China Textile Advertising Exhibition Co., Ltd.

China Textile Advertising Exhibition Co., Ltd., the predecessor of China Textile Advertising Exhibition Co., Ltd., was established on April 5, 1993. Its business scope is to design, produce, and distribute domestic and foreign advertising to China, advertising information consultation, organization of exhibitions, and organization. Cultural and artistic exchanges.

In 2003, with the full support of friends from the Chinese and Japanese industry, Japan’s “China Textile and Apparel Exhibition” (CFF, later renamed AFF) was held. It was held in Osaka and Tokyo twice a year. It has been held for 32 sessions. Appreciated by the Chinese and Japanese industries, after more than ten years of development, it has become the largest and most practical professional exhibition of the Chinese and Japanese textile and garment industry.

In recent years, the company has hosted the “China Textile and Apparel (Europe) Brand Exhibition” by the Ministry of Commerce of China. At present, the company is the first generation/domestic agent of many famous textile and apparel exhibitions in Europe and America, such as MAGIC exhibition in Las Vegas, France, the first visual fabric exhibition in France, the international textile and apparel exhibition in Baltic, and the Madrid International Baby Sample Exhibition. , Munich International Clothing Show, etc. With years of accumulated publicity and experience in hosting exhibitions, as well as a team of highly qualified professionals, the advertising company has provided high-quality exhibition support services to many customers over the years.

China Textile Advertising Exhibition Co., Ltd. is also entrusted by China National Textiles Group Co., Ltd. to implement group publishing and investment management business.

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