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Huasheng(HS for short) Fujitec Elevator Co., Ltd is a joint venture enterprise established  by Chinatex and Japan Fujitec Co., Ltd in 1995 located in Langfang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Hebei Province.

HS Fujitec Elevator Co., Ltd. inherits the Fujitec Group's consistent pursuit of "professional manufacturer and professional quality", continues to research and develop most advanced technology, and implements the human-oriented product design concept. As a high-level manufacturing enterprise with proprietary core technology integrating “science-industry-trade”, HS has comprehensively introduced the advanced production technology, software technology and quality management system from Japan Fujitec Co., Ltd. along with its world-class state-of-the-art automation and high-performance equipment. At present, HS has developed a production capacity of 25,000 sets per year. Through its long-term production practice, HS has built a production system focusing on medium and high-level elevators for office buildings, hotels, airports, and subways as well as residential elevators.

In December 2017, HS signed a supply contract of "New Snow Country" project in Zhangjiakou which will use high speed elevator can rise 638 meters at 12 meters per second. The technical and technological difficulty involved is unprecedented up to now, making it a pioneering work in the elevator industry.

HS insists on the human-oriented, technology-oriented and product-oriented approach and adapts to the new era so as to join with the people from the world in developing excellent urban functions.

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